what is cottagecore

What is Cottagecore and Why is It So Darn Popular?

For obvious reasons we don’t need to spell out, people have been spending much more time at home in recent months. While some have been channeling their spare time into baking cakes or learning the guitar, others have used it as an opportunity for home improvement.

Of course, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to alter how we live, now has never been a better time to make your living space feel as cozy and comforting as possible. This is where cottagecore comes in. Although the concept existed before 2020 rolled around, its whimsical charms and nostalgic feel mean images of cottagecore rooms have been plastered all over the pages of Instagram and Pinterest in the past few months. 

So, what is cottagecore and how is it offering solace in times of trouble?

Cottagecore: The basics

In essence, cottagecore is a lifestyle and design trend that emphasizes the values of creativity, tranquility, and cozy domestic living. It harks back to a simpler way of life before modern technologies in which people could spend time in relaxed contemplation. Think pastoral paintings, pretty flower arrangements, vintage cabinets, and soft carpets.

Cottagecore’s reputation as the design trend of the moment can best be explained by the fact that many of us are living in a very restricted way. Unable to go out to our favorite restaurants or movie theaters, we’re looking for new ways to unwind and recharge in our very own homes.

What’s more, we’re less focused on seeming cool, modern, and stylish to our friends and acquaintances. With current quarantine restrictions preventing large parties or family gatherings, we’re free to decorate our living spaces in a way that suits our most uncool tastes and eccentricities. Are you a fan of embroidery, drying herbs, or your grandpa’s ancient antiques? Great! Cottagecore is just the trend for you.

How to cottagecore your home?

The rules of cottagecore are relatively relaxed, so try focusing on decorating your home with items that make you feel happy and serene. However, if you’re stuck for ideas and are itching to embrace cottagecore aesthetics, take a look at the following hints and tips.

1. Bring nature indoors

Cottagecore décor is all about bringing the outside indoors. Invest in some fresh flowers and carefully place them around your home. If you’re unable to find any suitable flowers during winter, there are plenty of well-made artificial alternatives on the market that are sure to brighten your day.

Floral wallpaper, fabrics and upholstery are also perfect for embodying cottagecore aesthetics. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could purchase fabric and make your very own curtains. You could even make a matching dress or pair of trousers for a super cute (and somewhat tongue-in-cheek) look!

2. Try to hide modern technologies

While you don’t have to throw out your widescreen TV to join the cottagecore trend, it is a good idea to place it out of sight or somewhere relatively inconspicuous. As well as improving the overall look of your home, it could help you to feel less anxious and “always-on” during these trying times.

3. Find decorative items that smell good

It is easy to underestimate the power of a good smell to lift your mood and improve the atmosphere of your home. From candles to dried petals, there are plenty of ways to unleash some delightful scents in your domestic space.

4. Invest in a cozy quilt

Nothing says cozy quite like a quilt or a throw. If you have the means, try to invest in a high-quality quilt made from wool or cotton. It will add some comforting softness to the room and help you to keep warm during chilly winter nights.

Is Cottagecore a Lasting Design Trend?

It is impossible to say one way or another, but as with anything, don’t do it just because it is trendy. If the aesthetic of cottagecore speaks to you and makes you feel better about our home, then by all means, embrace it.

Maybe you just want to dabble in it, adding a cardigan to your wardrobe and finding a way to hide that monster 70″ TV. That is also quite acceptable. Your home is your home. Cottagecore is hot at the moment but it has existed in one form or another for a very long time and will continue to exist long after the trend has moved onto something else.