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The Ultimate Hygge Sweater: What Makes Cardigans So Darn Cozy?

The winter months are creeping in which means the cold weather is on the way. While this may be a bit of a gloomy thought, it does mean it’s time to dig out that cozy winter wardrobe.

Is there anything better than wrapping up warm in a big chunky knit with a cup of hot cocoa and a good movie?

Looking cute, comfortable and cozy all at the same time…Sounds like a dream!

What Makes A Sweater Hygge?

Hygge is a word used in Denmark that means living your coziest life. Coziness might be a bit arbitrary, but for the Danes, it means candles, indirect warm lighting, varied textures, warm blankets, and comfy sweaters.

Hygge is the perfect way to explain a cardigan as they basically big, fluffy balls of wool that make you feel wrapped up warm and cozy! They feel safe and comfortable, enveloping you like a big cuddle. The ultimate self-care treat.

Let’s Talk About the History of Cardigans

Cardigans have been around since the 1800’s in a number of different forms. The love of cardigans has carried on throughout different eras of fashion, for both men and women, in a number of different styles.

They are traditionally knitted using wool or something similar, which makes them warm and comfortable. It tends to have either some big buttons or can simply be worn loose and relaxed.

You can either wear it on its own as a light jacket or underneath a coat in the winter months to layer up. Cardigans work for wearing both inside and out of the home throughout all the seasons.

For those who work in offices where the temperature may fluctuate dramatically, a Cardigan is a must have accessory, ready to chase away the chill of a drafty office in the winter or the chill of air conditioning in the summer.

Why Do We Love Cardigans So Much?

Many of us are working from home right now. This means we have put away the work clothes and are prioritizing comfort.

When you are working at home, it is your safe place. You want to feel like you can be relaxed and calm when work causes anxiety and stress. Wearing comfortable clothes can help with this.

They are so easy to wear as you can throw them on top of anything. It is going to keep you feeling warm and contented while at home in your office so you can work without feeling stuffy or uncomfortable.

On a practical level, this winter, you may not want to run your furnace and heater all day and deal with the higher bills. A nice sweater that you can easily put on instead of turning up the heat will have a nice impact on your finances, and really, it is like wearing a hug. Who doesn’t want a hug?

Why do you need a hygge sweater in your life?

In the winter months, things can feel cold and lonely. It’s chilly outside and the nights are drawing in, meaning all you really want to do is cozy up warm and watch TV on the couch. This is why you need a hygge sweater to wrap up warm in.

A hygge sweater is so darn cozy to wear because it you feel so comfortable. They are unrestrictive to wear so it doesn’t feel like something you ever want to take off.

You can wear it as part of your outfit or with your pyjamas. It works with everything!

The wool material they are made of makes them soft to the touch and soft on your skin which makes them feel really nice to wear. All in all, they are a hug in a sweater.

What’s your go to sweater for living your best hygge life?

Photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash

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