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7 Cozy Bathroom Accessories

Working from home? More like “working from your personal spa.

A cozy bathroom with accessories

In our efforts to make your home more hyggelig, we can often overlook the bathroom. After all, the bathroom is just a space for necessities, right? Or at least that’s what I used to think. But then I realized that ‘functional’ doesn’t have to mean void of personality.

A bathroom, when thoroughly considered, can be a sanctuary! Opportunities for coziness are plentiful if you know where to look. Here are 7 cozy bathroom accessories that will help elevate your bathroom to a cozier, more luxurious space and create hygge in your home.


Plants are one of the simplest ways to make your space feel like an oasis. Many types of plants like monstera, snake plant, or aloe thrive in humid environments and can freshen up the air around you. Cozy macrame hangers are a no-brainer as they add a level of coziness without taking up extra floor space. And, if you don’t trust yourself to keep the plants alive, you can always opt for faux plants or a vase of fresh flowers that you change out with the seasons. 

Plush Towels

When I think of the spa, I think of luxury, and to me, luxury feels like soft, plush towels. The softer the better. Time to say goodbye to those old, worn towels from your college days and invest in some quality, fluffy towels, preferably in the same color, or at least complementing colors. The key here is softness. While you’re at it, throw in a cozy robe too, as a treat for you.

plush towels are a cozy bathroom accessory


Like plants, candles serve two purposes: they liven up the décor, while also keeping the space fresh. Scents can set the mood like none other. Maybe you want to keep things cozy with some lavender and vanilla? Or perhaps you prefer clean smells. Find what scents work for you, and don’t hold back! Candlelight adds the perfect ambiance for bubble baths…

Bath Products

Speaking of bubble baths, it’s time to upgrade your toiletry products. Eucalyptus bath bombs, soaking sea salts, and soothing bubble bath soap are easy additions that will instantly elevate your bathroom experience while giving you some much-needed TLC. And, to keep everything aesthetically pleasing, make the switch to matching product holders and bottles, refilling as needed. 

Bath Tray

To top off the entire bubble bath experience, you’ll need a bamboo bath tray. These beautiful trays add that final touch of luxury, making space for a glass of wine or cup of tea, a book (or two!), and perhaps one of your fancy new bathroom candles.

woman enjoys cozy bathroom accessories

Soft Rug

Rugs are so underestimated, but think about it: Have you ever not felt cozy while standing on a super plush rug? Didn’t think so. If you’re limited on floor space, you may opt for a quality bath mat instead, but luckily there are still plenty of cozy options.

Storage Space

Nothing can ruin a sense of calm faster than clutter. The additions you’ve made to your bathroom could all be for nothing if you aren’t able to organize your space effectively. In a smaller bathroom, over the toilet shelving is a perfect solution. If you are blessed with extra space, say—in the vanity perhaps—consider some drawer organizers to keep everything separate and easy to find.

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Cozy Bathroom Accessories Are Hyggelig

These are just a few ideas to inspire your new hygge bathroom. Ultimately, it comes down to what makes you feel all warm and cozy inside.

Don’t get too mired down in what you think a bathroom should look like. Your bathroom is an extension of your home, not some discarded room. And after all, why shouldn’t you have a spa-quality space in your house? You deserve it.