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5 Ideas for a Cozy Valentine’s Day

If you’re an old romantic, you’re probably feeling a little apprehensive about this year’s Valentine’s Day. With upmarket dinners and indulgent shopping trips very much off the menu, loved-up couples and hopeful singles won’t be out and about in their droves come February 14th.  

In some ways, however, the COVID-19 pandemic offers us all the opportunity to take a break from grand gestures and costly date nights. 2021 is all about showing your feelings through small tokens of appreciation and bonding with loved ones over laid-back activities. It is possible, after all, to make the day feel special without having to leave the comfort of your sofa. 

Wondering where to start? Whether you plan to spend your pandemic Valentine’s Day with your family, partner, or your favorite housemates, we’ve put together five ideas to make sure it’s perfect:

Decorate your home

It’s surprisingly easy to make a room feel romantic and inviting. You could invest in some new bed linen to spruce up your bedroom, hang ambient fairy lights in your living room, or simply rearrange your furniture. Just make sure that the space in which you celebrate Valentine’s Day looks and feels different to usual. 

If you’ve been quarantining with a significant other for the past year, you probably associate your home with work, anxiety, and boredom. Mixing things up a bit will help to relieve stress and could even reignite a romantic spark you thought was long extinguished!

Schedule some fun activities

There are plenty of activities to enjoy at home – you just have to get a little creative. If you’re a fan of exercise, why not do a yoga workout with your other half? Perhaps you could try salsa dancing or an exercise video if you’re feeling a little more energetic. Brain teasers more your thing? Try completing a puzzle together or take part in a couples’ quiz with your friends via video chat. The opportunities are endless!

Exchange small, handmade gifts

2020 was a difficult year for everyone, and big costly gifts are the last thing on anyone’s priority list right now. Rather than spend huge sums of money on something your loved one may not even use, why not make your own small gifts? Handmade items such as personalized greetings cards, hand-knitted gloves, framed paintings, delicious cookies, or beaded jewelry are sure to put a huge smile on their face. 

Celebrate with as many people as possible

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about traditional romantic love. If you’ve been missing your friends and family this year, or simply want to make the people you live with feel special, why not spread your tokens of appreciation far and wide? 

Remember to add a personalized element to every gift. Write a small note about how much they mean to you and why – you’re sure to get plenty of love in return!

To ensure that everyone in your family gets involved, you could even make a Valentine’s Day mailbox for every family member. Ask everyone to post a small note of gratitude in each box over the course of the week. Once the seven days are up, get everyone together and read the results aloud over a hot drink and some sweet treats.

Take a walk 

There’s nothing more romantic than a leisurely walk at dawn or dusk. If you’re feeling cooped up, encourage your partner to take a walk with you somewhere scenic. To make the experience extra special, bring some hot drinks along with you, pick some flowers, or explore a path you’ve never followed before.

Think outside the box

As you can see, there are plenty of fantastic ways to make Valentine’s Day 2021 memorable. Get creative and spend a few hours mulling over ideas – your date nights may never be the same again!

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