Write For Us – Guest Authors


To submit an article for consideration or to pitch an idea for an article to use please submit to this email address: hello@hyggezone.com

Pitches should include the title and a one to two sentence summary of the gist of the article. Please do not submit more than two pitches in an email.

To write a guest post to be published on this site, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Your article should be between 500 and 1500 words and include a brief About the Author (no more than 50 words) which includes an email address, LinkedIn link, or Twitter account for readers to contact you.
  2. Your article must be original and not spam. All articles are checked for plagiarism. Only unique content is accepted.
  3. Link Requirements: We only accept one link to a website, for a brief About the Author section.
  4. Once your article goes live, please share the link to your published story on your website or social networks.
  5. Your article topics should be focused on concepts of hygge, comfort, home, fashion, and general lifestyle that intersects with these concepts. We are willing to interpret these elements in a broad sense, but the overall theme should be clearly related. Avoid intentionally controversial/hot button topics. We are not interested in publishing manifestos and screeds.
  6. We publish in accordance to a content schedule and will slot your article into the calendar and will let you know when it will be published.
  7. In general, we try to write for a home-centric audience in a friendly, neighborly tone. It is okay to be a bit folksy.
  8. Before submitting your article, please do a spell check and grammar check. It will be sent back to you if it does not meet this basic requirement.
  9. Article should be submitted in text in an email. No attachments will be accepted.

As much as we appreciate any guest articles or submissions, we cannot guarantee how long the article will remain on our site. If we have contact information for you and need to remove your article for a reason, we will alert you to the change.

Remember, all articles must be original, and not posted on any other websites (unless approved ahead of time by the webmaster). Your article will be removed if found someplace else on the net, or if any links submitted in your article link to spammy sites, including but not limited to gambling, pharmaceuticals, porn, MLM, or personal finance. All links on this site must point to respectable sites.

The owners of Hygge Zone and anybody associated with the site welcome guest posts. Accepting a guest post does not mean this website endorses what was written by a guest author or a product, nor responsible for any guest author’s actions.