how to fight cabin fever

17 Ways to Fight Cabin Fever You Never Thought Of

With COVID-19 still circulating throughout much of the world, people are having to adapt to spending much more time in their own homes. While doing your part to slow the spread of the disease is to be very much commended, it’s no secret that spending long days indoors can lead to a well-known phenomenon known as cabin fever.

Symptoms of cabin fever are wide-ranging but tend to include restlessness, stress, difficulty concentrating, lethargy, and a lack of motivation. Fortunately, there are things you can do to fight cabin fever and learn to enjoy your current reality.

Get creative in the kitchen

Bored of eating the same homecooked meals every day? It may be time to try your hand at some brand-new recipes. There are plenty of meal ideas to be found on the internet or in long-neglected cookbooks, so go ahead and rustle up something healthy and delicious for your family and friends to enjoy!

Find something new to cook on the blog Something New for Dinner or be really bold and try out Recipe Roulette.

Seek out inspiration from unusual sources or hit up your favorite Pinterest boards and Youtube channels!

Play a game of cards

A simple deck of cards can be used to play tons of different games, ranging from the simple to the devilishly difficult. We sometimes forget how many games can be played with 52 cards. Family games like Go Fish, Slap Jack, or War, to more intense games like Rummy, Cribbage, or Poker.

40+ Card Games offers up many many games you can play with a simple deck of cards. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the granddaddy of all… the Rules According to Hoyle.

Try your hand at some DIY

Do you have a doorknob, table leg, or shelf that needs fixing? Stop procrastinating and get your tools out! A spot of DIY will make your home feel much cozier while you’re stuck inside. 

Create a list of things you need done around the house and get a good DIY book, like Home Maintenance and Repair to guide you.

Get arty

Getting creative is a fantastic way to calm the mind and produce something you’re proud of. You could start a scrapbook, craft a clay pot, or simply paint a picture.

Not sure where to start? has hundreds if not thousands of hours of training to teach you everything from basic drawing to more complex art. Unleash your creative side.

Get active in your living room

Keeping active while staying inside can be a little tricky. However, there are plenty of options available to get your heart rate up and stretch your muscles. You could find an online yoga tutorial, join a virtual dance class, or lift a few weights.

Check out many of the fitness apps available that will give you a personal trainer to provide you countless exercise classes which will include everything from strength training to guided meditation.

Check out these apps:

Host a virtual movie night

Thanks to new technologies such as Teleparty, you can enjoy virtual movie nights with friends from the comfort of your living room. Just remember to bring popcorn!

Check out these other ways to watch movies together.

Indulge in some Netflix

Some of us have been avoiding online streaming services over lockdown for fear of being unproductive or tempted to binge. However, it is important to understand that you need to relax to beat feelings of cabin fever. Set aside an hour or two at the weekend to enjoy your favorite shows.

Here’s the thing… be purposeful about it. Choose a specific show, set aside a specific time, and only watch that show. Learn the rule of one screen at a time. This means if you are watching TV, no tablets or phones. If you are catching up on TikTok, then no TV. Got it? By limiting yourself in this way, you will prevent feeling like you wasted hours with nothing to show for it.

Read a book

There’s nothing more comforting and life-affirming than reading a good book by the fireside. Turn off your digital devices and curl up with a book and a cup of hot cocoa to maximize your enjoyment.

Do you read using an electronic device? That is fine, so long as you abide by the one screen at a time rule.

Have a news-free day

While it is important to keep up with current affairs, obsessively engaging with the latest news could be harming your mental health. Try having a news-free day to keep your compulsions in check.

Check out of the minute-by-minute doom scrolling and check in on self-care, connecting with friends and family in meaningful ways.

Have a virtual cocktail party

Do you miss girls’ nights or hanging out with friends in bars? Why not emulate the experience with a virtual cocktail party?

Make it a real cocktail party, pass around a cocktail or mocktail recipe with all your friends so you are sipping on the same beverages. Or have everyone prepare a drink and then demonstrate how to make it.

If you are feeling really bold, prepare small bottles of all the key ingredients for a signature cocktail and have them dropped off at all your cocktail party goers homes so when the cocktail party gets going, everyone will be able to enjoy the cocktail of the day.

Throw on your best clothes

Even if you’ve nowhere to go, dressing up in your favorite garments is a great way to lift the spirits.

It doesn’t make sense to dress up when you aren’t leaving your home and no one is coming over but it is that way of thinking that leads to feeling blue and sad. Fight cabin fever by dressing in your best, even if it is just for a dae night with yourself.

Take the time to play with your make-up, paint your nails, do your hair, and make yourself look like a million bucks. Remind yourself of who you can be when you choose to.

This could be a good time to start looking at your wardrobe in a different way and maybe consider adopting a capsule wardrobe approach.

Spring clean your home

Now is the perfect time to get your home spick and span. Rather than tackling everything at once, try cleaning a room a day to keep yourself occupied throughout the week.

Looking for other ideas on how to start spring cleaning? Here are 11 tips to declutter your home.

Learn a new skill

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a language or play an instrument, use this time to get started. As well as helping to while away the hours, it may reduce your stress levels. 

I’ve already mentioned but there are many places to learn a new skill. You can start with Youtube and see what is freely available.

Start journaling

Journaling is a fantastic way to deal with difficult feelings and put things in perspective. If you’re feeling tense or on edge, confide in your journal and notice your anxiety evaporate. 

Learn how to start journaling and begin writing your memoirs.

Write a letter to an old friend

If you’ve lost touch with a good friend over the years, why not write them a letter? As well as improving your mood, it will give them a real boost during this difficult time. 

You can join those who are attempting to reclaim the lost art of letter wrting.

Create an indoor garden

Plants are known for cleaning stale air and helping people to relax. Embrace your inner gardener and purchase a few varieties with which to decorate your home. Just remember to provide them with plenty of light and water!

Try out a few mocktail recipes

If you’re trying to control your alcohol consumption, mocktails represent a delicious alternative. Have fun with different recipes and share the best ones with family and friends.

What Ways Do You Fight Cabin Fever That I Didn’t Think About?

What are your favorite ways to fight cabin fever? Spring is a long way away and we all might be going a bit stir crazy.