Decorate Your Bedroom Using Natural Elements
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9 Tips to Decorate Your Bedroom with Natural Elements

Have you ever felt like your bedroom is missing something? I know when I feel uninspired in my room, it’s usually because it doesn’t reflect the things that make me happy and calm. Bringing natural elements into my bedroom has been a great way for me to get creative with decorating and also enjoy some of my favorite hobbies while incorporating them into the space.

There are other reasons to decorate your bedroom with natural elements. When you bring the outdoors into your room, you not only reap the benefits of the esthetics of nature but also the benefits to your mental health. Avik Basu, a lecturer at the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan, says natural environments have restorative qualities. These qualities are beneficial in our hyper-modern, always plugged-in, society. Our bedrooms should be sanctuaries where we can escape and recharge.

My goal is to give you some ideas on how we can bring nature indoors without too much effort or expense!

Add Plants to Your Bedroom

decorate your bedroom with plants

You can make your room a lot prettier by adding plants. Plants help break up harsh lines and hide overly modern aesthetics. In fact, it’s been proven that plants help us sleep better at night!

Place a Bird Feeder Outside Your Bedroom Window

put a birdfeeder outside your bedroom window

Birds are fun to watch. To attract more birds, place a bird feeder outside your bedroom window. Be careful not to place it too close to your window if the early morning sound of birds chirping will disrupt your sleep. Being able to see wildlife frolicking and feeding through your bedroom window can create a sense of connection with the natural world.

Use Wood, Stone, and Natural Fabrics in Your Bedroom

decorative wood tray

Natural elements like wood, stone, cotton and linen fabrics, and leather help make your bedroom feel more cozy and comfortable. Look for wooden bedroom furniture that highlights natural wood grains. Marble, granite, and some of the manufactured stone slabs make for great side tables.

Replace all Light Bulbs with Controllable LED Lights

LED lighting for the bedroom

Replacing incandescent light bulbs with LEDs is a great way to save money on your home lighting. LED lights that can be dimmed or the color changed allow you to create lighting effects that feel more natural than normal lights. LED lights that you can control via Google Home, Alexa, or your smartphone allow you to have the exact light you want in your bedroom.

Hide Your TV with a Painting or Mirror

tv bedroom

Having a TV in the bedroom can be great, but sometimes it’s best not to have a massive piece of electronics in your face all the time. Finding ways to hide your television behind a painting or mirror can give you a reprieve from binge-watching the latest must-see television show or reminding yourself of the 24-hour news cycle when you are trying to destress. This way you’ll get more out of your space and add some nice decor at the same time!

Decorate with Seashells, Driftwood, Pine Cones, Leaves, and Other Natural Elements

seashell decorations for your bedroom

Why not decorate with natural elements? Rocks, leaves, and shells all bring a homey feeling to any room. Vases filled with these natural elements help break up overly modern-looking interiors.

Add Pictures of the Great Outdoors

picture of the outdoors

Not every bedroom has a great view of the natural world, but that doesn’t stop you from adding amazing pictures of some of your favorite natural landscapes.

Use Sheer Curtains to Help Bring in Natural Light

sheer curtains letting in natural light

Blackout curtains can really help with a great night’s sleep, but you can also use sheer curtains behind them to help bring natural light into your bedroom.

Remove Clutter from Your Bedroom

put away laundry

Clutter can hide your efforts to bring natural elements into your bedroom. Take care to keep clutter off your surfaces so when you walk into your bedroom you are surrounded by your carefully curated natural elements.

Create an Oasis with Pillows, Blankets, and Throws

decorative pillows

Your bed and seating in your bedroom should be an oasis of comfort. Pillows depicting natural elements and wildlife will bring some additional comfort to your bedroom. You might even consider adding a chunky yarn blanket to the mix to bring in extra levels of hygge.

Decorate Your Bedroom With Natural Elements

decorate your bedroom using natural elements

If you’re looking for a change in your bedroom, but don’t know where to start, we have some suggestions. Surrounding yourself with natural elements can help create a relaxing and comfortable space that is more conducive to sleep. Wood, stone, plants, and plenty of natural light are all great ways to get the most out of your time spent sleeping or resting in bed.

What ideas do you have for adding more natural elements into your own bedroom?