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Are Chunky Yarn Blankets Worth the Investment?

If you’ve spent any time reading interior design blogs or scouring the pages of Pinterest over the past year, you’ll know that chunky yarn blankets are all the rage right now. Soft, warm and undeniably photographable, these thick knit wonders are sure to make a great addition to your living room, bedroom, or anywhere you’d like to feel safe and cozy.

How did the chunky yarn blanket become such a coveted item?

The popularity of these blankets can be explained by several related trends. The widespread uptake of the Danish tradition of ‘hygge’ – which involves hunkering down in a cozy atmosphere with your nearest and dearest – obviously lends itself well to the current blanket craze. If you’re worried about feeling the chill this winter, a big square of knitted material is surely a fantastic solution.

Another relevant trend is something known as arm knitting. As the name suggests, arm knitting involves using your arms as knitting needles using incredibly chunky yarn. It has taken off in recent months as it is very easy to get the hang of and doesn’t require any special equipment. As a result, Instagram is now full of influencers showing off their homemade chunky blankets, and we’re starting to get a little jealous.

Should I buy a yarn blanket or make one for myself?

This is very much dependent on your personal preferences and budget, as well as how much time you have available. Although arm knitting is generally a little quicker than traditional techniques, it can take a while to perfect and may require several attempts.

On the other hand, it can be difficult to gauge how long a blanket from the store will last or, indeed, the quality of the wool. Sometimes, even the most expensive of knitted items can start pilling within days. In this way, it is a good idea to check the labels of the blankets for high-quality wool and check the quality of the stitching.

A well-made blanket is likely to become one of your favorite household items, particularly if you’re a fan of snuggling on the couch with a good book. Remember that a cheap blanket is not only a waste of money but could contribute to the ecological problems caused by fast fashion.

How to Make Your Own Chunky Yarn Blanket

Should I opt for merino wool or something a little cheaper?

In short, yes. The natural fibers that make up merino wool feel amazing to the touch and will last a lifetime with the right care and attention. If the chunky merino wool blankets available on the market are a little out of your price range, why not try your hand at arm knitting? You simply need to source some high-quality merino wool yarn in a color that suits your tastes and follow one of the many arm knitting tutorials on the internet.

Merino wool is by far the best material to make blankets out of thanks to its luxurious feel and relative strength. However, other types of wool may also work well if you don’t have time to make a blanket and are unable to afford a merino wool blanket. Just try to avoid items containing synthetic fabrics.

Looking after your blanket

Of course, your investment will not be worth it if you manage to destroy your blanket within a matter of months. To ensure it stays in mint condition, you will need to protect it from wear and tear. Keep it away from areas such as the kitchen where it is likely to get stained, as well as abrasive materials such as harsh carpets. If your blanket starts to pill, simply pick off any loose bits of wool by hand.

Finally, never put a woolen blanket in the washing machine! It will lose its soft texture instantly and be rendered almost unusable. If you manage to stain the blanket, run it under cold water immediately and leave it to dry in the open air.

Invest in a chunky blanket today

So, there you have it – you’re ultimate guide to chunky yarn blankets. We’re sure you’ll agree they are a fantastic choice if you love all things cozy. Why not invest in one today?

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