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5 Tips for Starting an Indoor Garden

Indoor gardens are having a moment right now. After a tough year, many of us are finding creative ways to improve the look and feel of our homes, and houseplants represent the perfect solution.

As well as adding a burst of color to your space, an indoor garden will help to purify the air and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Indoor gardening can be a very cathartic practice if you live in a small apartment, offering a wonderful distraction from the bustle of the city and the pressures of modern life.

So, how should you go about starting an indoor garden?

Here are Our Top Five Tips for Starting an Indoor Garden

Organize your space carefully

An indoor garden can be as big or small as you like and can occupy any room. Having said this, it is important to find a space that gets plenty of sunlight. Otherwise, your plants will suffer and could even die. Windowsills and tables tend to be good spots for healthy plants to grow. Alternatively, you could tastefully arrange your garden on a bookshelf if space is at a premium.

Invest in a growing light

If you’re struggling to find an area in your home that enjoys plenty of sunlight, it may be worth investing in a growing light. These handy tools essentially mimic the sun and allow plants to photosynthesize. There are a variety of different growth lights on the market, including:

  • Fluorescent lights: These work best for herbs and other plants that do not need to flower.
  • Incandescent lights: These are relatively cheap and widely available, although they are not as powerful as other lamps on the market.
  • High-intensity discharge (HID) lights: These are the brightest lights available but can be costly.

Choose your plants wisely

Before selecting your plants, conduct some research into how much light and maintenance they need, the temperatures at which they thrive, whether they shed, and how big they are likely to grow. It may also be worth considering whether you want to grow edible plants, as an indoor herb garden or vegetable patch could be very useful if you’re a keen chef. Popular indoor plants include basil, rosemary, lavender, tomatoes, petunias, begonias, and pansies.

Establish a watering schedule

As you’re probably very aware, houseplants require frequent watering to ensure they remain healthy and continue to grow. Broadly speaking, a plant will need water about once a week. However, the frequency at which you water your plants will depend on their species and the time of year, so remember to do your research before drawing up a watering schedule. Never overwater your plants, as this could harm them.

Remember to fertilize your plants

While the plants in your indoor garden will generate their own food via photosynthesis, they will require a few extra nutrients to thrive. While most outdoor plants absorb nutrients such as potassium and phosphorus from soil and decaying leaves, indoor plants do not have such an abundance of available minerals. In this way, it is important to fertilize your plants every few months.

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