How to Assemble a Spring Cottagecore Outfit

With spring quickly approaching, many of us are looking forward to emerging from hibernation and throwing on some gorgeous new outfits. Of course, 2020 was a relatively subdued year for the fashion world, so you may be feeling a little stuck for ideas when it comes to putting together your wardrobe for the new season. Fortunately, we’ve got just the solution – cottagecore.

Not sure what cottagecore is? Check out our cottagecore guide where we define cottagecore in simple to understand terms so you can embrace this aesthetic into your life and wardrobe.

As you may have already heard, cottagecore is the latest trend to take the fashion and interior design industries by storm. Encompassing an extremely Instagrammable aesthetic that combines prairie-girl chic with retro styles your grandmother would love, it is sure to deliver just the pick-me-up we’ve all been craving after a tough year.

Cottagecore is also an incredibly versatile trend. Go all out with sugar-sweet pastels and a feminine hat or inject your own tomboy edge with a pair of tweed pants. As long you’re wearing items that make you feel free and in touch with the great outdoors, you’re nailing cottagecore.

So, how should you begin putting together your spring wardrobe? We’ve put together some helpful guidance for the months ahead.

Light, frilly tops

In terms of tops, look for white, beige, and pastel garments with a soft edge. Forget tight-fitting tops – cottagecore is all about puffed sleeves, frilly collars, and loose materials that allow you to move freely and easily. You’ll probably be itching to frolic in the great outdoors once the sun starts shining again!    

Floaty, full-length dresses

There is a certain romantic primness to cottagecore that calls for long, floaty maxi dresses or retro midi dresses. Again, it is a good idea to seek out items with puffed sleeves and frills and, if you’re feeling brave, wholeheartedly embrace your feminine side with bold florals or adorable prints. 

Bouncy skirts

Look for skirts with plenty of movement and bounce such as skater skirts, ruffled skirts, and A-line midis. There are no strict rules, just look for patterned and light-colored garments you can comfortably wear with bare legs.

Sleek pants

Not a fan of skirts and dresses? Don’t worry – there are still plenty of ways to get involved with this trend! You simply need to embrace a nostalgic, rural look in a way that aligns with a tomboy aesthetic. Think tweed shorts and pants, classic Levi jeans, or crisply ironed black pants. You will need to soften the look in places, of course, so make a point of accessorizing with a hat or pretty jewelry.

Cozy outerwear

We’ve got our fingers crossed for a balmy spring this year. However, if you start to feel the chill, throw on a cute denim jacket, a casual suit jacket or a pretty raincoat to keep yourself toasty.

Flamboyant accessories

Okay, so we’ve left the best and most important bit ‘til last. Cottagecore is all about showing off your playful side, so don’t hold back on the accessories. From wicker hats to floral headscarves, feel free to stock up on all the gorgeous smaller items that grab your attention. You should also get your hands on a big woven tote bag to hold the provisions you need for a day in the great outdoors – there’s nothing more cottagecore than a picnic!

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