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7 Benefits of Having a Coffee Ritual During the Pandemic

Having a coffee ritual, especially with friends and family, can bring much need comfort in the throes of a global pandemic. Defined as the social time over coffee, fika is an original cornerstone of Swedish culture.

If you’re still wondering, “What is fika?” it’s an easy concept to grasp. Simply put, when you partake in fika, you’re stopping work to socialize over a cup of coffee.

It’s a part of daily life for those living in Sweden, with the purpose of catching up with family, friends, and loved ones. In other parts of the world, fika may be considered revolutionary, and dare we say, ought to become a part of every lifestyle.

Keeping Fika Relevant During COVID-19

With a pandemic ravaging the globe, we’ve all been asked to oblige to precautions that will keep us and others safe, and that includes social distancing. Luckily, there are many ways to keep up the fika and hygge (or coffee and contentment) tradition.

fika is essential to mental health and relaxation. It’s a time to step away from the hustle and bustle of our days and connect with those that mean the most.

Virtual Fika

Since we can’t gather face to face, there’s nothing wrong with a coffee date via Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet! Send out an invitation via text or email to those in your fika crowd, and ask them to brew up a fresh cup of joe for your next meeting. You’ll laugh, you’ll talk, and best of all, you’ll see each other.

Mask Up and Meet

If you’ve got a mask and the ability to meet your fika partner from six feet away, then you’ve got the makings for coffee time. Consider meeting somewhere outdoors, like a park or cafe that offers outdoor seating. This type of meet-up is a fantastic and safe way to stay connected.

Make a Phone Call

Although it does make a difference, fika doesn’t necessarily have to be face to face. If you’re dying for coffee time with a friend, close your laptop and pick up the phone. Give them a call, and ask them to join you. Chances are, they’re ready for a break as well.

Coffee to Go

There are few things better than a to-go mug filled with steaming hot coffee. Grab a cup on the way to meet a friend for a long walk on a crisp day. Make sure you give each other plenty of space and get in your steps while you take a much needed mental break.

Fika in Your Car

If your favorite cafe is too crowded for comfort and outdoor seating is full, consider ordering a cup, rolling down your car windows, turning on some fabulous music, and parking next to your favorite fika parter. You can have a great conversation and stay at a safe distance.

Family Time

Those that live in your home, both kids and adults, are an essential part of your coffee ritual. Brew a pot (hot chocolate or tea for the kids), and gather at the kitchen table. Talk about anything and everything. While we may be sick of being home, there’s no denying it’s the ultimate comfort.

Backyard Coffee

When the weather is nice, you can undoubtedly invite a friend or two over for coffee in your backyard. Set the chairs up in a socially distanced manner, ask them to walk around your home instead of through it, and keep the coffee coming.

Staying Safe and Enjoying Fika

You can stay safe from COVID and still enjoy your daily coffee ritual. While public health is at the center of everyone’s priorities right now, we still need to interact with friends and family safely. Remember, take a break, call a friend, and enjoy your coffee while it’s hot.

Featured Image: Photo by Natalia Y on Unsplash

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