10 Ideas for a Hygge Christmas

10 Ideas for a Happy Hygge Christmas

The holidays are nearly here and it is a very unusual year. The pandemic is adding a mountain of stress to every situation, so creating a relaxing hygge Christmas is more important than ever. 

Hygge is a Scandinavian term conveying feelings of coziness and contentment. It’s about creating a warm and comfortable environment that promotes relaxation and eases tension. The need for both is overwhelming, so here are a few ideas for a hygge holiday.

Dress Down

hygge pajamas
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Flannel pajamas; soft, chunky sweaters; fleece-lined slippers—these are the clothes of hygge. Whatever feels comfortable and warm is in, whatever feels tight or itchy or difficult is out.

Working from home optimizes opportunities for hygge dressing, and that is something to embrace.

Check out pajamagram.com for some fun pajamas.

Snuggle Up

hygge christmas snuggle blanket
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The best hygge can be found in a nest of blankets. Soft fleece, cool cotton, dreamy flannel—all are perfectly acceptable choices. The goal is to snuggle comfortably, so everybody gets to choose what is right for them.

Dim the Lights

hygge christmas lighting
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Harsh light is the enemy of good hygge. Using dimmer switches, lighting candles, basking in the soft light from a fire in the fireplace—these are the kinds of lighting that invite relaxation and contentment.

Yankee Candle offers some great seasonal candles.

Personal Time

alone time at Christmas
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Some people are suffering from an excess of family time right now. A great hygge practice is finding a small place of peace and quiet for some personal downtime. Even if that means 15 minutes with headphones in the bathtub, it can be rejuvenating.

Easy Bake

hygge baked goods
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Part of a good hygge Christmas is home-baked goodies—for people who find baking relaxing and fulfilling. This is a perfect year for bakers to deliver goodies to the doorstops of non-baking friends and family to stay connected. 


hygge unplugged
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Unplugging is especially important this year. Time away from the onslaught of news is essential not only for hygge but for mental health and peace of mind.

It’s hard to put down the phone, but once it’s done the experience is remarkably calming.

Get Outside

outdoor time
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One of the essential tenets of hygge is spending time in nature. Taking a solo snowy walk in the woods or a park can feel like a special indulgence in this tumultuous world. Building a snowman with the kids burns energy and makes memories.

Drink Up

hygge christmas hot drinks
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Drinking something warm feels wonderful. Hot chocolate or cider, tea, or maybe an Irish coffee helps warm the body and soothe the mind. Pairing it with a good book and a holiday treat in the warm glow of the fireplace is quintessential hygge.

Pare Down

minimalist design
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Decorations, gift wrap, all of the trappings of a traditional American Christmas can be overwhelming and stressful. Simplifying it all down to the things that feel truly enjoyable and meaningful can be freeing and calming.

Neutral and Natural

neutral natural colors
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Creating a hygge holiday space can include toning down bright colors in favor of neutrals, and turning to nature for décor. The combination is fresh and soothing, like all of the visual elements of a hygge holiday.

Why embrace hygge for Christmas in 2020?

With families making the difficult decision to have socially distant celebrations, Christmas might be a bit more lonely, a bit more dismal than we would ever choose. Hygge for Christmas will bring warmth and comfort in those moments when we might be feeling the most alone, the most

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