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7 Hygge Kitchen Design Tips

If you’re as enthusiastic about interior design as we are, you’ve probably heard of hygge by now. First coined in Denmark, hygge is a lifestyle and home décor trend that can loosely be translated as a feeling of warmth, coziness, and togetherness best experienced in the depths of winter.  Hygge kitchen design will help bring the warmth of comfort of hygge to your entire home.

If you’re planning on embracing hygge and style and are unsure where to start, we recommend investing in a kitchen remodel or makeover. After all, the kitchen is often considered the hub of the home, making it the perfect spot to inject some cozy, festive vibes. Here are a few tips for transforming your kitchen into a delightful space for the whole family to enjoy:

Incorporate natural elements in your home décor

Although it may seem a little counterintuitive, the first step to achieving a cozy kitchen is to fill it with natural materials and inspiration drawn from the great outdoors.

Getting close to nature is a great way to calm any anxiety or worry, as well as being incredibly easy to achieve through interior design. We recommend investing in some potted plants and kitchen cabinetry crafted from wood. Herbs are especially good houseplants to look out for as they can be used in tasty homemade dishes!

kitchen plants

Go all out with baking utensils and decorations

copper pots and pans for a hygge kitchen

Creating a hygge kitchen is easy if you know how to bake. The delicious smell of homemade bread or cookies wafting through the house is one way that will make your family feel calm and cared for, giving them an inviting atmosphere in which they can cook up all sorts of yummy treats together! From pretty items like cake stands with angel wings on top (or even little spoons), baking-related tools epitomize what it means by “hyggeligt” meaning cozy or warm.

Copper pots and pans bring a natural warmth to a kitchen. But don’t run out and buy every vintage kitchen utensil you find online. The items that will truly bring hygge to your kitchen are the kitchen utensils used by your family, your parents, grandparents… the cupcake tin that made your favorite pastry treats will bring more feelings of comfort to your kitchen than some expensive doodad that you will never use.

Think carefully about your lighting arrangements

Lighting arrangements are one of the most important things to think about when creating a calming environment as overly bright spaces can feel oppressive and unwelcoming.

Creating ambient lighting in your kitchen can be a challenge.

You will need to place every light fixture in just the right position to ensure that your food preparation areas are well-lit, and any seating or dining areas are left a little dimmer. This way, you can help guests to feel cozy and welcomed whilst ensuring that you don’t accidentally chop your finger off while preparing dinner!

ambient kitchen lighting

Draw your inspiration from country kitchens

country kitchen design elements

Country kitchens can sometimes feel a little over-decorated or old-fashioned. However, they have recently made a comeback and have been updated to coincide with modern preferences for minimalism, clean lines and neutral palettes. 

To embrace this trend, consider investing in clean wooden countertops, brass or copper-colored utensils, and shuttered windows.

You don’t have to go in and completely renovate your kitchen to add country kitchen elements to your home. Start with a butcher block cutting board or some gingham tablecloths or napkins.

 Use a soft color palette

A good rule of thumb to follow when designing a hygge room is to avoid too much color. This means that neutrals such as white, beige, cream or gray should feature in most of your décor. However, if you’re not quite willing to let go of your favorite colors, you should stick to pastels such as light blue or mint green.

The key is to keep things feeling airy, fresh and clean.

neutral colors

Don’t be afraid of soft furnishings

kitchen rugs

Hygge is all about feel comfortable, so it is a good idea to balance out any hard kitchen surfaces with soft furnishings like a shaggy carpet, sleek curtains, and as many throws and cushions as you need in your seating areas.

Of course, the amount of soft material you can incorporate will depend on the size of your kitchen and the proximity of the stove to your seating area. You don’t want the rug or throws going up in flames,

Buy a few candles

Candles are great for making a room feel atmospheric and warm. Try finding candles in neutral colors such as white or cream and avoid scented varieties if you can. This is because the smell of the candles could interfere with your ability to taste your delicious home cooking!

Some people are uncomfortable with burning candles. That is fine, there are many alternatives. Look for LED candles, fairy lights, or glowstrips to add to your kitchen to create these warm pools of light.

kitchen candles

Make Your Kitchen More Hygge

The kitchen is the heart of the home and it only makes sense it should also incorporate some of the core concepts of hygge. Make it a place for your family to be together, free of computer screens, free of argument, free of competition. Make the kitchen about sharing, caring, cooperation, and being present for each other. 

The kitchen can also be the source of many traditions and family rituals. Morning coffee together, working together to do the dishes, decorating cookies together, and serving up meals for the family are all ways in which your family can be brought together in the kitchen.