cozy home with bare floors

How to Create a Cozy Home with Bare Floors

When it comes to living comfortably, almost anything goes. For some, it can be a couch full of plush pillows, and for others it might be a clean and sleek floor punctuated by a cozy rug.

Does that imply a bare floor could never be made cozy? Absolutely not! Bare floors offer more opportunity to customize your space than you can imagine, without sacrificing coziness.

Creating a Cozy Home

The power of a bare floor is unrivaled for making a home cozy. Here’s what you need to do –

Divide the space

The open-concept home is one of the most popular layouts right now. The only drawback is that some of the wide-open spaces can seem sparse and cold without installing some elements that separate one part of the room from the other.

With a big sitting room, it’s be a better use of the space to divide it into loose sections. Instead of placing the couch against the wall, for example, try positioning it in the middle of the room. One side can operate as the TV room area, while the other side can be decorated to a reading nook or board game area. The couch softens the expanse of space and offers texture and a natural barrier between activity spaces.

Get rid of the full-length rug

Hardwood floors, including bamboo flooring, are all beautiful additions to a home. They may be bare, but they bring such warmth to a home with their color, character, and texture.

With these, what’s the need for a full-length rug? If you do want some softness underfoot, consider smaller area rugs rather than larger, room-filling ones.

Add a personal touch

What’s cozier than a few favorite items featured in your home? Fill a few of the naked spaces on the floor or the wall with character pieces from your collection. Musical instruments, antique furniture, or tapestries can add depth and warmth to the space without taking up floor space. 

The power of lighting

Lighting can make all the difference in the look and feel of a home. The bare floor allows beautiful reflecting lights to shine, and when it isn’t a concrete floor, the floor designs and light work together to create a cozy ambiance.

Warm lights go particularly well with hardwood flooring. This style doesn’t just imbue warmth to your home, it provides that cozy feeling you desire.

We’ve got a great tip for you –

Know your rugs! That’ll help you figure out how to use them to complement your hardwood, not overpower it.

There’s a variety of rugs available out there. Knowing them is the first step in figuring out which one will fit into your space so you can throw it down.

  • For starters, wool rugs are the most common types. And for good reason, because they’re soft and cozy. They also bring out the color of a room and are easy to clean.
  • For a more luxurious feel, you should consider silk rugs. Of course, they’re delicate so it’s best to put them in a low-traffic area.
  • For reliable and affordable rugs, use cotton for a casual look.
  • Faux fur rugs are great for the homeowner in need of something dramatic yet luxurious on a budget.

There are a lot more rugs available, but these are our top picks to make sure your hardwood floor is the star of the show.

Now, say you’ve done all that and succeed in making your room look cozy, that’s great! But does it feel cozy under your feet? A downside to bare floors…it could get a bit cold.

Simple solution?

Invest in good slippers or socks. Slippers are available for every climate, while any kind of socks can add the feeling of a cushy carpet under every step. There’s no need to resort to covering your hardwood floors just to keep your feet warm!

Ultimately, a bare floor doesn’t have to mean cold, hard, and unfeeling. A few well-placed efforts willmake it as cozy as the most luxurious rug could. Start with the tips above.

Good luck!

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